Bespoke watchmaking.


Co-founders Albert and Mark are no strangers to the world of men’s fashion. The two have each spent over a decade working for leading retail & wholesale brands based in the heart of New York’s Garment district. As well-season trend-spotters with access to some of the industry’s most talented tailors, Albert and Mark have always had an eye for fashion trends. 

It wasn’t until a trip overseas that the duo became aware of a major design limitation back home. After misplacing his watch, Mark was shopping for a watch that had a minimalist aesthetic for the case and dial, but a little more flair for the hands and strap for a more youthful look, and realized that watches are available in rigid style categories that don’t fit every taste. While recapping the mishap with Albert over the phone, the two imagined how convenient it would be if they could change aspects of a watch to suit their taste as they do for a custom suit.

They couldn’t think of a single bespoke watchmaker in New York. Albert immediately hopped on a plane to meet Mark overseas, where the two spent weeks visiting factories, sourcing materials and soaking up inspiration for their yet-to-be-named business venture.

The final product is Miorai, an online-based, made-to-order watch brand offering the consumer over fifty million ways to wear their style.